I’ve been getting reports from constituents concerned about what is happening at West Speke Health Centre lately and so have local Councillors. I arranged a meeting with the CCG to seek reassurances after I heard that locum GPs and the nurse practitioner have left and the surgery didn’t open after one of the shooting get incidents lately. I also heard that people were told they couldn’t get their prescriptions after the printer broke. This level of service is not appropriate.


I have some reassurances that the 3 year new contract will see the surgery being run by a not for profit company consisting of Liverpool GP practices and should be an improvement on SSP. They are currently recruiting for clinical staff including GPS and nurse practitioners.


I am waiting for further details about what improvements have been made during the interim arrangement over the last years and will share these with you when I receive them. Meanwhile, please keep local Councillors and I in touch with your experiences so that we can keep an eye on developments.