Maria Eagle MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, commenting on the publication of the Clementi Review into Governance and Regulation of the BBC and the publication of the Government’s response to public consultation on the BBC Charter said:


“This consultation shows once again that a massive majority of the public believe the BBC is serving viewers and listeners well and do not want to see a reduction in its scope or remit. Now that Ministers have finally published this summary, they must get on with publishing the White Paper.


“Three-fifths of respondents support the license fee as the best method of funding and believe the BBC is delivering value for money, so the Government must now guarantee that there is no more top-slicing of the license fee.”


“Any replacement of the BBC Trust must stand up for license fee payers and viewers, not the Government of the day.


“The BBC currently handles around ten times more complaints than Ofcom. If Ofcom is to take on entire regulatory oversight of the BBC, the Government must provide sufficient resources for them to do a proper job.


“The BBC doesn’t belong to any Government, it belongs to all of us. The Clementi report and the public consultation make clear that the independence of the BBC must be at the heart of its future. Under this Government the independence of the BBC is at real risk, so the Chair of a new board must be appointed through an independent process. Labour will oppose any attempt by the Tories to dismantle or downgrade the BBC.”