Maria Eagle MP said: “At the General Election, David Cameron said he had no plans to cut tax credits but we’ve seen yet again why the Tories can’t be trusted as the party of working people.  The Government’s ruthless decision to cut tax credits will see over 3 million families losing on average £1,300 a year, including 5,900 families in Garston and Halewood.


Labour’s argument against these cuts are strong and backed by extensive independent evidence. Whatever the Tories say, their new National Living Wage will not offset cuts to tax credits. There is no doubt about it, working families will be worse off.


At Prime Minister’s Questions last week, David Cameron said he was ‘delighted’ the cuts to tax credits were voted through the Commons. This is a shameful comment and David Cameron showed the true face of the Tory party.  Working families cannot trust Tory promises.


The Labour Party voted against the changes to tax credits and we are campaigning to get the Government to reverse its decision because we understand just how badly it will affect working families across the UK.  We will continue to fight this Tory Government on behalf of working people.”