The Constituency of Garston and Halewood covers the south of Liverpool City Council’s territory and goes over the local authority boundary to encompass the Halewood communities from Knowsley Borough Council. It includes the Liverpool communities of Speke, Garston, Cressington, Allerton Woolton and Belle Vale.


Bounded by the river Mersey, the M62 and the green belt land beyond Halewood, Garston and Halewood Constituency creeps towards Queen’s Drive at it’s northern end but never quite gets there. It is the most diverse of all the Liverpool and Knowsley Constituencies in respect of income, wealth and economic activity. There are conservation areas such as Woolton, old villages like Gateacre, Tarbock and Garston, which still have a village feel and identity despite their being overtaken by the south travelling sprawl of the city of Liverpool’s expansion many decades ago. They are interspersed with vast ex-Council estates like Speke and the communities of Netherley, Childwall Valley, Halewood and Belle Vale.


From arable farms and food manufacturing, from sea ports and airport, from pharmaceutical and automotive manufacturing, large and small – from medicines to supply chains to learning and culture, from the arts & regeneration, from the third sector to the public sector, the variety of economic activity is great – probably greater than in any other Liverpool Constituency.


Considered a safe Labour seat now, it has not always been so. It was Conservative held until 1987, had the last Conservative on Liverpool City Council within its borders and so it has a more politically diverse past than the current majority may suggest. In 2006, Lib Dems had 14 of the 15 Councillors in the old Liverpool Garston. (They now have 1)